Broker Checkpoint

Accurate and extensive broker data.

The past decade we've been skimming the forex market for all sorts of data, always looking for, but constantly lacking a profound resource for accurate comparisons.

As we made our own meticulous overviews to compare brokers and broker-accounts we wondered why there just wasn't a one-stop information point around to help people with the challenging task of choosing the correct broker.

This is why we started Broker Checkpoint. Simplifying your quest for the perfect broker and helping you ace your strategy with a sufficient choice in broker-accounts is our primary mission.

We aren't just keen on thorough broker information, we are eager to hear from the broker community and the forex traders. That's why we will be constantly updating and expanding our social modules. Attending to every need the forex community has to sustain full broker coverage. Feel free to make an inquiry. Whether you are looking for more information as a broker or as a forex trader, don't hesitate to ask, remark or suggest anything that comes to mind.