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If you are looking to find the best forex broker, this comparison page might definitely come in handy. In the Quick compare module you can quickly browse through the list with available brokers, select the ones you want to inspect and hit compare.

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  • REG US MT5 MT4
Currently the maximum amount is 5. Register an account and compare up to 25 brokers at the same time.

Best Rated Forex Brokers Compared.

On Broker Checkpoint, you'll be able to rate certain brokers on customer service, performance & recommendation.
For your convenience we've highlighted the 5 best rated brokers in this comparison chart.

Add more brokers on one screen by clicking the + icon or browse through the different brokers by means of the progress bar. Eliminate a broker out of the equation by clicking the close button next to the broker name. If you would like to make your own broker comparison, you can get started on brokers or broker-accounts page.